Hurricane Ida: Capture the moment the plane crosses

Hurricane Ida: Capture the moment the plane crosses

Hurricane Ida caused damage and deaths across the United States, but, before you arrive, a plane from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA, for its English acronym) He ventured across the climatic phenomenon to measure its intensity over the Gulf of Mexico.

In social networks, the video that Team NOAA reach to Eye of Hurricane Ida. The captured images are quite impressive, since it was possible to estimate the formation of clouds within this phenomenon.

NOAA posted the video on Twitter and stated the following:

“Over the Gulf of Mexico. Flying into the Eye of Category 4 Hurricane Ida During Morning Mission 08.29.21”.

This is the video that records the moment:

Usually the difference is charged Special offers for calculating the path of a hurricaneIn addition to the power it will generate.

Ida in the United States

After heavy rain on Ida, in New YorkWith at least 41 people killed, the flood rekindled memories of Hurricane Sandy, a storm stronger than in 2012 that left the subway and much of Manhattan without power.

Specifically, metro services stopped Wednesday night, but slowly started running again early Thursday. Several New Yorkers posted videos on social media showing water rolling down the stairs into apartments.

  • “Our hearts go out to the lives lost in last night’s storm,” the city’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, who declared a state of emergency Wednesday night, said in a Twitter post.

The New Yorkers Thursday began cleaning up flooded homes and businesses, removing debris and cars. After a record rain that surprised many by the Big Apple.

Ida left deaths and floods in the United States. Photo: Freepik.

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