Hurricane Tammy escalates to Category 2 after Otis passes. Is Mexico in danger? Career – Fox Sports

Hurricane Tammy escalates to Category 2 after Otis passes. Is Mexico in danger?  Career – Fox Sports

Month October It’s ending but hard to threaten Subordinate Tornadoes no chopped offalso in Mexico We already have it Otis is on the floorwhich affects the coasts warriorbut now in The Pacific Ocean He appears Hurricane Tammywhich has already escalated to Category 2.

he National Meteorological Service (SMN) Report your locationto more 2 thousand 700 km From the coasts Quintana Roobut no the people I still wonder if this is it Hurricane Tammy represents a Danger to Mexico; Here we tell you.

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Hurricane Tammy has intensified and is now a Category 2 hurricane

he SMN She reported that Early in the morning Who is this Wednesday, October 25, Tammy he Strengthen In the size to Ambassador Simpson And he arrived at Second categoryWhere within days She will arrive to Bermuda.

At the moment current location Who is this Weather event Which 870 km to southSouthwest to BermudaBeside 2 thousand 760 km From the coasts Quintana Rooin Mexicoto be in one distance completely huge.

he Hurricane Tammy for now It does not represent no one Danger to Mexicobecause it is very far Subordinate National territories And unexpected Which soon Come closer to nationas SMN says so displacement that it 17 km/h for him North WestApproaching Bermuda.

For now this tornado gifts Maximum wind Sustainable from 155 km/h, Strips to 195 km/h It is expected to maintain strength tornado Category 2 Until the Thursday 26 Octoberwhere are you going Belittle to Post-tropical cyclone,stay up Monday 30th.

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Mexicofrom her side warrior in Maximum alert To pass tornado Otissince this meteorological event On the ground She was born multiple Devastation. I know opened The hostel to population.

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