‘I thought I was going to die’: A man was attacked by a herd of wild otters in Singapore



December 12, 2021 14:22 GMT

“I weigh more than 90 kilograms and couldn’t get up without my friend’s help,” says the victim. “If otters had attacked a girl or boy, they would definitely not be alive.”

On November 30, Graham Spencer, a 60-year-old Briton, went out for his usual morning walk through the Singapore Botanic Gardens when, suddenly, he was A flock of wild otters attacked her they left him 26 wounds On the buttocks, legs and fingers.

“The whole process took 10 to 12 seconds, and I couldn’t move… I thought I was going to die‘, Spencer recalls in comments to Reuters. “If my face or neck had been bitten, I would have died,” he thinks.

According to him, about 20 foxes ambush him, causing him to fall to the ground, at which point they begin to climb over him and bite him.

Spencer manages to escape after a friend chases the otters by screaming, after which he helps him get back on his feet.

“I weighed more than 200 pounds and could not get up without the help of my friend. If an otter attacked a girl or a boy, He definitely won’t survive‘ says the man.

Otters are generally peaceful creatures and rarely attack humans, unless they feel threatened. Spencer believes that the members of the pack I confused him With a runner he overtaken and trampled on one of the animals.

Spencer hopes authorities will take steps to prevent these types of accidents, such as installing more solar-powered lights along roads.

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