The waitress receives 100,000 pesos in tip and the restaurant kicks her out for not distributing it


Ryan Brandt A waitress at the Oven & Tap restaurant, located in Arkansas, US, has been fired after she was given to her by a group of 44 businessmen. Hint Approximately 100 thousand pesos For the good service he provided them.

It was Grant Wise, the president of a real estate company, to give each person in the group $100, giving a total of $ 4 thousand and 400 dollars.

Thus, in a video broadcast on social networks, you can see how Grant begins to give a speech while embracing Ryan. At this time he told her that they would tip him around 100,000 pesos for the service, resulting in Waitress, Because the money will help him pay off the loans he made to pay for his college costs.

Why was Ryan fired?

Minutes after tipping the bonus Ryan I informed him that by order of the manager, he has to distribute the money to the rest of the restaurant workers, even with those who did not attend 44 businessmen.

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“I had to convert Money “However, Grant asked for his money back and then gave it to the waitress outside the restaurant,” the waitress told local media.

Days after what happened, Ryan was fired from her job. but nevertheless, Oven and faucet He told The Independent that this position had nothing to do with what happened to businessmen.

What happened to the waitress?

The news of the dismissal has arrived Grant, Who said on Instagram that the situation looked very sad.

“I don’t understand why this would happen to such a kind and gentle woman. However, I promise to show you that there are great people in the world who will do good when they can,” he said in publishing.

And so the businessman opened a page to start raising money so that Ryan could cover all his expenses and take the holidays “with as little stress as possible” and called on all his followers to to give.

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