‘I was brutally beaten many times’: the harsh testimony of a Venezuelan model who recorded the abuse of her partner

‘I was brutally beaten many times’: the harsh testimony of a Venezuelan model who recorded the abuse of her partner


December 23, 2021 17:57 GMT

The young woman, who claims that she decided to break the silence, posted on the networks several photos in which she took the bruises that her ex-boyfriend had inflicted on her.

A Venezuelan model residing in Chile decided to tell on social networks the story of the physical and psychological abuse she suffered nearly three years ago at the hands of her partner. In her post, she included pictures of bruises on her body and videos with scenes in which the alleged assailant beat her.

Carla Pacheco, representative of the Venezuelan state of Carabobo in the Miss Venezuela Chile 2020 contest, carried a harsh testimony on her Instagram account about the attacks caused by her ex-partner, who is also Venezuelan and resides in the southern country.

“I was badly beaten not once, twice, not three times, it was so many times I couldn’t count it,” says the model, asserting that “like many women”Victim of manipulation, deception, physical and psychological abuse“For nearly three years.

Pacheco asserts that although the beginning of the relationship was “beautiful,” the story has changed: “It didn’t take long for it to end.” To start my own horror movie“.

“I don’t pretend to be silent”

In his testimony, he asserted that he believed “everything could be improved” and that his partner could change. “Many times I thought about reporting him but I was afraid of what might happen to him,” he adds.

“What I have lived I do not want another person to experience. I do not intend to remain silent, I want you to hear my story. Today, this person is walking down the street freely as if he were nothing, and he is in fact a miserable and unscrupulous being.”

Pacheco asserts that he is fighting to “restore a little dignity” by seeking justice. To you and my followers and to the women who have been trampled, the only thing left for me is to stretch out my hand and ask you not to be silent, A complaint in time is better than a bouquet of roses after a blow“.


The Venezuelan woman accompanied her writings with several photographs where there is evidence of bruising caused by the attacks. There you can see bruises on his legs and face with numerous injuries and his nose is bleeding.

In one of the videos, it appears who her ex-partner was throwing clothes and shoes into the toilet, without knowing why. In another photo, Pacheco was photographed showing his injuries to his neck and face while in the passenger seat of a car. The guy next to her watches the phone screen, notices her, hits her twice and ends the clip.

Journalist Milagros Boyer posted the name of the alleged assailant on her Twitter account and added that Pacheco had already submitted the complaint to the Chilean Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The “Models in Chile” Instagram account also posted a public complaint about what happened on his account.

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