If you have a desktop computer and you don’t want to jailbreak it, clean it up

If you have a desktop computer and you don’t want to jailbreak it, clean it up

This Reddit user has spent 6 years using his desktop computer without any maintenance and what he has managed to gather is a pile of dust.

If you want your electronics to last longer, I’m afraid you’ll have to take care of them a bit…

We’ve talked many times about tips and tricks to take care of you Tools In the simplest and most effective way, especially talking about batteries and the hundreds of myths that accompany them. In any case, we rarely commented How important it is to clean all pots and pans wellfrom the smartphone (which has more bacteria than public restrooms) to the desktop computer, or at least that’s what we have to do if we want our technology to last a little longer.

The latter was demonstrated to us by a user reddit Recently, that is friend “jbclassic6889” He said he was ashamed In the topic posted in the popular social network for View photos from your computer the games After 6 years of continuous use without cleaning It is also obviously without any maintenance.

As our classmates told us xatakaThis is not the best way to take care of a high-performance computer, as you will see in the photo The ingredients were wrapped in a huge ball of dust that made it hard to cool To the functions of connectors, keyboards and other elements.

At least the user He confirmed that his computer was still working fine Although it was never opened for component upgrades or improvements, either Not to clean it or check the condition of the motherboard and accessories. Obviously, this PC did not cause any problems, otherwise it would have been disassembled before for verification.

The user says that the cleanup was very satisfactory, though he says nothing about why he opened the computer, the components, or How do you clean up such a messsomething This is usually done with spray compressed air or directly with compressors those who have. You can also use isopropyl alcohol and a piece of paperalthough this is recommended for embedded dirt and not so much for removing thick layers of dust that are usually superficial.

Basic maintenance of a computer is essential to its durability and is easy to do even if we are not an advanced user, as it is enough to open the case, blow out the dust, change the thermal paste every 2 or 3 years and check the whole from time to time.

Don't Like It: If you have a desktop computer and don't want it to break, clean it up

This is what a desktop computer looks like after 6 years of unmaintained use.

Since we’re here, you should know that Dust effectively hinders the cooling of the computer and keeps moisture out inside the box, and both are common causes of electronic hardware problems. As well Causes excessive noise due to malfunctioning propellersSo obviously if you want your computer to work well for a longer time, don’t be such a user and take better care of it.

It’s easy to do basic maintenance, eg Just remove two screws to open the case and blow or remove dust With a feather duster in addition, we must Check regularly (every 2 or 3 years) the thermal paste And the heatsink of the processor, as this tends to deteriorate, is also essential Ensure that the chassis propellers rotate freely To ensure the correct operating temperature inside the tower.

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