This web page tells you if the image is real or AI generated. do you work?

This web page tells you if the image is real or AI generated.  do you work?

This website assures us that it will be able to detect images generated by artificial intelligence, so will it work?

Can this app tell if a photo is fake? | Image: Bing Image Creator

Right now, there are millions of people all over the world trying to figure out how to use Midjourney. It is not surprising if we consider that artificial intelligence has started to have an extraordinary number of applications. Among other things, AI for image creation tends to have very useful applications for content creators and for users who seek to explore the limits of their imagination but do not have advanced knowledge of drawing. The problem is that this app can also be used for to do badand they are already beginning to appear Deep fakes From the Pope or Donald Trump who looks real. That’s why the request came to Tell us if the image is correct or was generated by artificial intelligence.

Many experts say that artists are among the professions that will disappear, precisely because of the level that artificial intelligence systems display with these characteristics.

How do you know if a photo is real or AI generated

The web page responsible for running this application is called AI or not. Its goal is very simple: to tell us if there is a human hand in an image or, conversely, an AI-developed one. In addition, the application is able to identify What kind of artificial intelligence was used in this processif it was DALL-E on the one hand or alternatively it was MidJourney.

Main portal AI or Not

Using AI or Not is really simple and intuitive

Its use is very simple. We simply access the web page and once we do, you just have to upload the image whose source you want to know. The app will process the image and give you a result based on the percentage it was made by a person or AI, as well as the adventure of what kind of company developed it.

How do you know if artificial intelligence is actually working or not

It would be nice to say that it has a fairly high success rate. However, we only ran two tests on it and on Someone got confused. We asked Bing Image Creator to draw our “father” And the app miscalculated and assured us that it was created by a human being.

AI shows whether or not the wrong result

AI or Not makes a mistake and gives us the wrong result

Yes, it’s true that the photo can hit the mark, because it’s completely realistic. In reality, The app isn’t entirely sure if it’s real or if it’s artificial intelligence Because it produces a fairly low percentage of safety. However, this raises some doubts about the app’s usefulness, because although it’s a disguised image, it shows a bit of DALL-E’s style.

For now that is The most reliable app to discover these issues. However, as we have been able to see, there are still some errors that make us wonder whether sooner or later we will be completely unable to Detect if the photo is fake. All this considering the serious repercussions that something of these characteristics can have on people.

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