If you have archived your chats on WhatsApp it might be wrong. be cerfull!

If you have archived your chats on WhatsApp it might be wrong.  be cerfull!

If you want to get good management of your mobile device and make it work in the best way, maybe you should think twice before that a file Conversation maybe not necessary The WhatsApp.

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is one of the Messaging applications The most important thing today and although there are other types of applications that offer the same services, it is common to use this tool whether for work, family or friends, however, mismanagement, such as archiving conversations, could be completely wrong.

Although the application is constantly renewed and offers new mission To make it easier to deal with WhatsApp, most people don’t know about this.

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An example of this is that WhatsApp enabled the ability to change the app’s color, however, it is also considering the option to have messages self-destructing seven days after receiving them.

This new functionality can undoubtedly be very useful, since archiving conversations can become a long-term problem, since some conversations take up a lot of space, either due to receiving photos, videos, audios or documents, so the memory inadvertently will be saturated. .

And although most people have conversations at work, what is necessary is to do a bug fix or just backup to the computer to select useful files, otherwise the lack of memory will make the cell phone run slower.

In fact, you can even use your account Google Drive To back up files that you consider important, but also keep in mind that space is limited.

On the other hand, a WhatsApp administrator recently indicated that Apple’s privacy stickers are d1scr1m1nat0r1as and they are pretending their system Messaging service Not used by iPhone users.

WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart recently pointed out incorrect situations incurred by Apple by not agreeing that the company from Cupertino, California, is placing privacy stickers for d1scr1m1nar on its messaging system, resulting in Apple users not consuming Or by using WhatsApp.

As you can remember, Facebook and Apple are in constant warfare, and among all this, there are millions of users of both companies in the middle of their decisions.

This took a new turn when, with iOS 14, Apple forced developers to require users to obtain permission to collect and track their data through the apps installed on their iPhone or iPad.

As expected, the situation has mainly upset Facebook, as according to the new privacy flags released by Apple earlier this year, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger collect more data from their users compared to other messaging apps like Telegram.

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For this little reason, Mark Zuckerberg has also questioned Apple publicly and now, with WhatsApp joining the complaint, it’s clear Apple intends to stop people from using Android phones.

It is like the same CEO of WhatsApp He noted that the majority of users in the US have an iPhone, which is why Apple aims for these people to use its iMessage service, all of this, even with the stickers left aside.

Sure, it is in your strategic interest that people not use something like WhatsApp because you want them not to use an Android phone. We compete in many places in the world. However, you don’t see a label for iMessage since you are not downloading it and it is already on your phone. This is what we criticize. “

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