If you miss Movie Maker, Windows 11 has good news for you: Clipchamp

If you miss Movie Maker, Windows 11 has good news for you: Clipchamp

did you remember Film Maker? This tool was very useful for creating short transition videos that we used to send on MSN a decade ago, but times have changed. Despite a delay of years, Microsoft introduced its legendary software replacement. it’s about Clipchamp, a new editor coming to Windows 11.

The new integrated video editing proposal for Windows 11 is being rolled out to members of the Insider Program with a file 22572 . assembly or higher. It is one of the candidate features that will arrive later this year to all users with the much awaited system update known as “Sun Valley 2“.

Modern and intuitive editor

As we can see, Clipchamp is completely different from the old Movie Maker. This editor has a modern and intuitive interface Includes a good set of essential tools. In other words, we are talking about an editor that can perform well in casual tasks, but is not designed for professional video use.

For example, we can explore any part of the project clips thanks to the timeline. Clipchamp will allow us to cut, split, add transitions, animated text, and overlay other videos. It will also allow us to record the image of the desktop, webcam and microphone in real time.

Microsoft indicates that its new video editor will also contain other additions such as a library with a large number of videos, audio tracks, and images to be used freely in projects. However, at this point it is not clear whether we will have to take out the wallet to use these resources or if they will be free.

Like TikTok, Clipchamp will have a file sound generator. Microsoft says it will work in more than 70 languages It will be powered by the Azure cloud computing platform. In addition, the program will connect to OneDrive so that we can import files and save videos from anywhere and on any device.

Clipchamp is not entirely new

Microsoft did not develop Clipchamp from scratch. Those from Redmond bought the platform in September of last year and optimized it to finally integrate it as a feature in Windows 11. And now we know it It will come pre-installed on all new computers with the operating system We can download it from the App Store.

In fact, if you want You can download it today from the Microsoft Store. Or, if you don’t fancy this option, you can also use Free Online Editor. Of course, some advanced functions require payment. There are three plans with different additional features such as unlimited video exports, photos, videos, audio, and more.

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