Illusion, strength and perseverance are the keys to overcoming challenges. The participants conclude with a talk about women, sports and empowerment

With a format different from the traditional format, eight women starred today at the El Barranquet Social Center in El Campello in an act designed to convey the capabilities of women in all walks of life, and focused on this occasion in the world of sports, and with Patricia Campos as an exceptional guest, and the first Spaniard to pilot a plane, A football coach, who like few others has been involved in projects to improve the lives of women in Uganda through an NGO she founded, and a benchmark in many aspects of his life.

Besides her, five women from the countryside who stand out in various sports disciplines, a woman as host of the act who also knows, and a lot, how to climb the steps to achieve a goal: Journalist Luz Sigüenza, Women’s and Equality Consultant Maricarmen Alemañ, The key to women’s success is to “fight and fight back”

It was not a typical conference or talk, but rather a conversation between all of them on very diverse topics, such as the difficulties they had to overcome to achieve their goals, the decision to break social barriers, personal strength, physical and psychological strength. , which means reaching goals, no matter how difficult they may seem, goals for the future and the need to convey aloud that no challenges are impossible if the will is iron and if it develops in an environment of social support.

For more than an hour, the conversations revolved around the importance of sport as a tool for women’s well-being and empowerment, in addition to its multiplying effect on social leadership, commitment and awareness that would have been unimaginable until a few years ago. Ago.

Recounting her life experience, Patricia Campos conveyed a very clear message: dreams are there to be pursued and fulfilled, and if you fight it is virtually impossible not to reach the end goal. “We can do it all, and show it daily,” she emphasized.

Participating athletes: Maika Evora (darts), Lucia Palomares (soccer), Elena Baia (badminton), Aina Vera (artistic gymnastics), and Mar Hernandez (tennis), agreed stating that they live and are happy with what they are doing, In this way, she achieved social recognition. They pointed out, “If we decide to do so, we will achieve it, because we are distinguished by being very competitive to each one in his field.”

They all also agreed on the importance of working as a team to fully enjoy life, creating their own values ​​such as respect and empathy for others.

At the end of the event, the participants received a special gift from Mayor Juanjo Berenguer: a handmade floral decoration.

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