Improve cervical correction with this exercise

Improve cervical correction with this exercise

Cervical correction is the physiological loss of curvature that we have in the spine at the level of the cervix. Putting certain exercises into practice will help relieve pain generated in the area.

Cervical correction is the loss of the physiological curvature that we have in the spine at the level of the cervix, which generates pain in the area. This change mainly occurs in People with severe stiffness or who have experienced trauma.

In this video, our personal trainer Victor Tellez (@vtellezcoach) it shows us Exercise to improve this problem and relieve discomfort. Before explaining it, Téllez points out Biosafety concept“which refers to the relative tension that occurs throughout the body and by which our entire skeletal structure is set on a series of scales.”

Thus, it is about optimizing that relative tension. To perform the exercise, we need to position ourselves at a distance of four fingers from the wall. the next, The idea is to create a point of contact between our body and the wall, starting at the skull and ending at the coccyx..

If you have questions about this or other exercise, our coach will answer you without any problems through his social networks. In addition, you can access this connection In case you want to know more about workouts, exercises or other tips or tricks.

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