IMSS enables family medicine units to process special appointments in case of saturation in clinic .46


Due to the saturation of patients who presented to Clinic 46 of Social Security located on Avenida Universidad, the Mexican Institute of Social Security enabled family medicine units so that members could schedule their specialty appointments.

Through the information card, the IMSS He explained that the unit staff will be responsible for the corresponding procedure and will inform the beneficiary over the phone, in this way saturation in the centers will be avoided.

They also confirmed that on Tuesday, January 11, around 10:30 a.m., a failure occurred in the MOCE (electronic medical record) platform and reference system – Contra Reference, making it impossible to continue awarding appointments. for patients. beneficiaries who were waiting to perform this procedure, which sparked disagreement between staff and patients.

Likewise, they reported that the request of elements of the General Secretariat for the Security and Protection of Citizens was only to protect the safety of the individuals who had been attacked, however, as soon as the agents arrived, the conflict ended.

They also affirmed their commitment to continue caring for Social Security patients.

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