In Colombia, thousands win the lottery thanks to a magical banana

The Magic Banana would have announced the winning lottery numbers. Photo: quartoscorro

They have a stroke of luck Two thousand people in the Boyacá lottery, ColombiaHe caused a sensation in the world, after declaring that everything was in existence It should be thanks to “Magic Banana”.

Story that happened in The Colombian town of Quibdo, Choco, Quickly went viral on social networks due to the unusual situation, as Believers gave their trust to Number 0316 What was next Engraved on a banana.

Where did the “magic banana” come from?

The fruit that led to winning the lottery reached social networks thanks to a woman who, at the time of preparing A. Sancocho, a Typical soup of the placeHe realized that He had a number on the cover So he decided to share it on digital platforms.

Soon the picture became alien Viral in social networks And they didn’t take long to consider that it could be an Lucky case And wealth. Strings are created until they pass Plantain How A sign of prosperity.

With the strings and the number that I had Distinguished by the “magic of banana.”Thousands of people decided to trust their luck and play the lottery with the number marked on it.

What surprise did everyone take when Lottery winning number, It was the same one engraved on the banana peel. Through its official Twitter account, Lotería de Boyacá shared the winning number congratulating all the lucky ones who took part in that game.

“Attention Colombia. These are the results of Draw No. 4353 held on March 6, 2021. Congratulations to all the people who won today with La Lotería de Boyacá! “,

Lottery account books

Luck or opportunity? So now it is a mystery how The numbers marked on the banana They are the same winners the lottery Give an award to Two thousand people, Almost.

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