In Denmark they save a video of more than 100 years ago

The channel brought back a video recorded in Denmark more than 100 years ago. Photo: Agence France-Presse (caption).

the channel Youtube call Restoring OldStuff Do what seemed almost impossible: Restore and paint a Video more than 100 years old, Which indicates the shape of life Denmark In 1902.

The photos shared on the aforementioned channel are part of Project By Restore old footage, Which aims to let new generations know what their country was like in the beginning 1900 year.

In the clip, which is just over a minute, it shows the daily life of the inhabitants of a city Aarhus More than 100 years ago. You can see horse-drawn carts, as well as people on foot and on bicycles.

The Video It was recorded on a bridge Scotland. Clemens bro, Which connects the old town to the city Aarhus With its modern part, it is located on the east coast to Denmark.

In addition to adding color, the aforementioned channel Youtube Mastered the video from over 100 years old In order to achieve quality in very accurate. The above, by prof Software Coloring the original footage and making the frame rate smoother.

  • In addition to the above, there are two more shots from the capital Denmark: First, filmed in 1906, And second, in (1945[1945.

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