This was the funeral of Prince Philip of Windsor Castle


On April 9, Buckingham Palace I mentioned the death of Prince Philip of EdinburghAnd the Queen Elizabeth II’s husband. After being hospitalized for several days Because of heart problems and underwent surgery, the king’s wife He died at the age of 99 in Windsor Castle, where his funeral took place on April 17th. At San George’s Church at 8:40 a.m. CST.

After the announcement of Philip Edinburgh’s death, members of the British royal family expressed their love And recognition of Queen Elizabeth II’s husband. Among the members who gave a letter addressed to the king’s wife was His son, Prince Charles, Beside Princess Eugenia, daughter of Prince Andrew, third son of Queen Elizabeth II.

10:05 British sack Philip from Edinburgh

Although the royal family asked the British not to attend Windsor Castle, where the prince’s funeral was held, Some people gathered to bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth II’s husband.

10:00 The remains of Philip Edinburgh will be buried

The remains of Prince Philip Edinburgh will be buried in the royal crypt, Which is located in the Church of St. George. It is known that until the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Philip Edinburgh’s coffin will be transferred.

9:55 The royal family leaves Saint George’s Church

After completion of Philip Edinburgh’s funeral, the British royal family left St George’s Chapel. What you call it The attention is that after the alleged tension between the brothers, toPrinces William and Harry go out together and start a conversation.

9:48 am The Archbishop of Canterbury ends the ceremony

The archbishop finished a ceremony that lasted about 40 minutes in which the royal family paid tribute Farewell to Felipe de Edomborgo, who passed away on April 9 at the age of 99. Queen Elizabeth II, her family and her aides leave St George’s Church.

9:18 Queen Elizabeth listens intently to the party

Queen Elizabeth II stands in front of St George’s Chapel, a few meters from the sarcophagus Where the body of her husband, Philippe de Edembourgou, was found.

9:14 The Archbishop of Canterbury opens the ceremony

Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, Da I begin the funeral mass for Philip Edinburgh. This concert is expected to last approximately 50 minutes.

9:07 Philip Edinburgh’s coffin enters St George’s Chapel

After the prince’s coffin is placed in the Church of Saint George, those attending the funeral also enter the church. To hear the ceremony that the Archbishop of Canterbury will preside.

8:56 Philip Edinburgh’s coffin arrives at St George’s Chapel

Before entering St. George’s Church, a minute of silence remained silent for Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, Cannon shots were heard, all to remember the king.

8:50 Members of the royal family accompany the coffin to the church

Members of the British royal family such as Princes Harry and William and the sons of Prince Philip, Prince of Edinburgh: Charles, Andrew, and Edward They walk behind their father’s coffin, all dressed in black.

8:44 The Queen attends the funeral

The Queen showed up with a waiting lady in an official Bentley car and joined the back of the motorcade During the national anthem, “God Save the Queen.”

8:42 Philip Edinburgh’s coffin leaves Windsor Castle

By 9:00 AM CST, The coffin of Prince Philip of Edinburgh left Windsor Castle That is being carried To St. George’s Church. The coffin has a sword, a military bonnet, and a flower crown; It was put into a Land Rover that was designed with the King’s help.

8:20 – Those who attended Philip Edinburgh’s funeral

It is known that those attending the funeral of Philippe de Edembourgou must wear face masks at all times It has a distance of about two meters. There will be 30 guests including: Queen Elizabeth II, children of Philip Edinburgh, and her grandchildren Harry and William, the last to accompany his wife, Duchess of Cambridge.

Of the other guests who will send the prince’s wife are: Princesses Beatrice and Eugenia, who will be accompanied by their husbands, So is Bernard, Crown Prince of Baden, Penelope Countess of Mountbatten in Burma, among others.

8:07 am. The royal family invites you to follow the funeral

In the past hour, the royal family’s Instagram account posted a picture in which they provided details The events that will take place at the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh are a minute of silence.

What is known about Philip Edinburgh’s funeral

At 8:40 AM CST, the funeral procession will begin Where many members of the British royal family are on a march in which they are expected to see the descendants of Philip Edinburgh, Harry and William, though they won’t walk together In this event, Indeed, it seems their relationship remains strained after the Duke of Sussex’s comments to Oprah Winfrey.

The Duke’s funeral will begin with a procession leaving Windsor Castle to reach St George’s ChapelSame thing in the castle. On this occasion, instead of a state funeral for the death of a king, A. Royal funeral ceremony, which They will honor Philip Edinburgh For more than 70 years of service to the Queen, United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

Due to restrictions in the UK due to the Coronavirus pandemic Also to follow the last will of Prince Philip of Edinburgh, The funeral will be simple and private. Currently, the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II’s husband is housed in the private chapel at Windsor Castle. eto which is going to be Covered with his personal banner and wreath.

The coffin will be placed by a group of members of the Queen Elizabeth Grenadier Guard Battalion And prof Land Rover that was designed with the help of Prince Philip He will be responsible for transporting his remains to the church where cannon shots will be fired. The coffin will be greeted with a guard of honor and the national anthem from England; Before entering the church, a minute of silence will be observed in his honor.


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