In Israel a stream forms in a pond and “swallows” two men. Watch the viral video

In Israel a stream forms in a pond and “swallows” two men.  Watch the viral video
One of the men could have been saved alive, while the other died; It is found at the bottom of a stream that formed in a pond. Photo: Agence France-Presse/Illustrative

two men gone Swallow for sink Which was formed inside the pool of a private house in the town Karmy Yousseffrom the middle Israel; then in We show you a video of the moment the cavity sucked up water and even some inflatable life preservers left behind by swimmers who were enjoying an afternoon but were surprised by the formation of the cavity.

This video spreads on social networks: it shows how some people, who were inside the pond, see with amazement how the water passes through the stream, which was already “Swallow” Two men, and how the current pulled each other Float of plastic.

This video also shows how a man slips and almost falls into a stream, as did the two victims, aged 34 and 32, according to preliminary information.

Sink poses in a pool and “swallows” two men

Local police said the crater “swallowed” two men. One is identified as Kalil Kimhi, 32 years old who died. The other, whose identity has not been revealed, can be rescued by the people in the pool. The second man was slightly injured and was treated by emergency personnel who met at the scene.

After extensive search and rescue efforts, the personnel found Calil’s body at the bottom of a 15-meter-high pit.

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