In New Zealand, a seal breaks into a house and scares a cat

In New Zealand, a seal breaks into a house and scares a cat

Sometimes surprise guest It’s annoying because you don’t expect to visit or because it scares your pet, but this case is unique because nothing more, nothing less. Break into a house seal in New ZealandSurprise everyone, even cat.

The weird story From a family in that country Widely Because a specimen of this exotic species entered the house through a cat flap (a small door for pets to enter).

But, Seals Not only did he break into this house, he settled down to rest on the couch, but not before he frightened the family cat.

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How did the seal get into your home?

Mount Maunganui resident Jane Ross said she opened the next door and “I was like, ‘Oh,’ and then I heard this choppy twirling along the hallway and was like, ‘Oh, that’s going to be a stamp, I can’t believe he could have come in from there.'”

For his part, Phil Ross is Jane’s husband marine biologist But he confirmed that ironically, he wasn’t home when he showed up Seals.

“I’m trying to take my family to some great places where I work, but this time work is back home.”

Phil Ross, marine biologist

family believes Seals Sneak into the house through the cat’s flap. While it is not uncommon to see seals in the area, this was the first time they had heard of one entering the house.

“The guard from the Department of Conservation, who came to help remove the seal and move it near the port, said that he had received some calls that morning, these were not the only ones, but she was the only one in the house,” concluded the biologist. Sailor on the seal.

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