Russia vs Ukraine: Mexico asks its citizens to protect themselves “specially” on August 24

Russia vs Ukraine: Mexico asks its citizens to protect themselves “specially” on August 24
Russia vs Ukraine: Mexico asks its citizens to protect themselves
Russia vs. Ukraine: Mexico asks its citizens to protect themselves “in a special way” on August 24. Photo: AFP

in the middle for The conflict between Russia and Ukrainefor fear of an escalation of Russian attacks on Ukrainian lands The Mexico Embassy In the occupied country alerted Citizens a stay alert and guarding, “In particular”, at 24 from August.

through official twitter account, The Mexico Embassy in Ukraine issued a warning to Mexicans in the affected area for six months with Russia’s first bombingafter, after months of stress.

“To the Mexican community in Ukraine: We urge you to follow the recommendations issued by the Ukrainian government on the importance and urgency of asylum when hearing anti-aircraft alarms, especially tomorrow, August 24.”

Mexico Embassy in Ukraine.

Why is August 24 important in Ukraine?

Although the Mexican Embassy in Ukraine did not give More details Regarding the situation that can be expected in Country And that It causes such an alertOn August 24 – that is, tomorrow – the independence of Ukraine is celebrated.

“We must realize that there may be disgusting brutal Russian provocations and bombings tomorrow,” Caution in his traditional nightly message Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

And so he was referring to a memory Ukrainian independence This Wednesday coincides with six months From the beginning Russian invasion.

“It is clear that we will respond to any manifestation of Russian terrorism,” he added. . added Ukrainian leaderwho during the day in Kyiv met his Polish counterpart, Andre Dudaone of his most Strongly supports.

They accuse Moscow of planning to intensify the bombing

United State Accused Moscow Plotting an imminent intensification of bombing in Ukraine, Russia responded that there would be “no mercy” after the killing of Daria Dogwina daughter Theorist close to the Kremlin.

US Embassy in Kyiv warned that Russia ready to Intensification they Bombings “in the next few days” in Ukraine And it called on its citizens to leave the country as soon as possible and through everyone Availability of private ground transportation.

after withdrawal Russian troops from the Kyiv region late March, The fighting is concentrated in the east Ukrainewhere Moscow Slowly gained ground before the stall, and in the south where Ukrainian forces They claim they are making slow counterattack.

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