Incredible reaction from a group of kids on the field of play when they saw Lionel Messi entering Maccabi-Paris Saint-Germain

Lionel Messi is the main attraction in Israel

As is often the case in every country he visits, Leo Messi Attract the appearance of all strangers. Just as it happens to him when he plays for the Argentine national team in different parts of the world and it happened to him earlier when he wore the Barcelona shirt, Rosario continues to be the main attraction in the world. Paris Saint-Germain It is full of numbers. The sample was taken by a group of children who lapsed before it started Champions League duel against Maccabi Haifa.

Such is the degree of Leo’s worship in Israel that the children who waited on the field and stood in front of the cameras next to the team’s formations, went to his location to hug and greet him. Suddenly, the couple closest to his position extended their arms to him. Soon two more came. Once the ranks were broken, the others ran to their positions for minimal contact. Faces of astonishment made words redundant.

The emotion the Argentine received in the moments leading up to the valid match for the second day of Group H of the Champions League prompted him: in 37 minutes, he scored his first goal of the season in international tournaments (and the fifth so far this campaign).

Now Messi will prepare to attract attention in United State Again with the biceleste shirt. The team led by Lionel Scaloni will face one of the last tests before it makes its debut at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Albiceleste will be measured by Honduras in Miami. Meanwhile, they will be watching on Tuesday 9/27 in front of Jamaica in New York. In addition, there is a final test scheduled in November against the United Arab Emirates.

Argentina’s first World Cup participation will be on Tuesday, November 22nd, against Saudi Arabia. Then they will face Mexico (Saturday 11/26) and determine their classification to the round of 16 against Poland (Wednesday 11/30).

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