Indictment dropped against former Ugandan presidential candidate – Prensa Latina


According to the publication, the cancellation of the operation against the opponent Bezigi was implemented some time ago by Judge Mike Chipita, Director of the Attorney General’s Office, but the formal withdrawal process involving a court summons with the person has not been announced. .or the accused.

The form, submitted to the Secretary of the Nakawa Court, specified that the High Representative of the said tribunal decided to suspend proceedings against Besigye accused of treason.

According to the document, the government’s accusation of the former presidential candidate came after a video of the accused’s alleged inauguration in the judicial process went viral on social media on May 11, 2016.

It happened on the eve of the inauguration of Governor Yoweri Museveni for a fifth term, who, according to the National Electoral Commission, won the aforementioned ballot.

Soon after the results of that election were announced, which were in favor of President-elect Museveni, his opponent Besigye denounced vote-buying fraud, with military and police interference, among other irregularities.

Subsequently, Besigye decided not to run as a candidate in the next presidential election, which was held in January 2021, in which Museveni was declared the winner with 58.64 percent of the contested votes, while opposition candidate Bobby Wayne came in second with 34 percent.

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