Ugandan treason charges against opposition Kizza Besigye have been dropped for declaring himself president in 2016


MADRID, October 11 (European press) –

The Ugandan government has dropped treason charges against prominent opposition figure Kizza Besigye in connection with his decision to install himself as president after the 2016 elections in the African country, Uganda’s Daily Monitor reports.

Besigye, who has run for president four times and lost in each of them by the incumbent president, Yoweri Museveni, was arrested and indicted in 2016 after holding a party to declare himself president.

The opposition, who came second in the elections, denounced the manipulation of results through bribery to voters, interference by the security services, and the lack of transparency and impartiality of the electoral body.

Besigye, who was already indicted for treason in 2005 – charges that have also been withdrawn – chose not to go to the polls in January 2021, as opposition leader Robert Kyogulani also claimed victory and denounced fraud in favor of Museveni.

Besigye himself said on Sunday that he did not submit his candidacy or attend the general election because he was “angry” at “leaders who do not understand the political dynamics over time and are dedicated to fighting for political positions.”

Museveni achieved a sixth term after his recent election victory. Kiagulani, the famous singer known as Bobby Wayne who decided to enter politics, said that the results of his match showed that he is the winner.

The elections were held in a particularly tense context due to the increased crackdown on dissent and the killing of more than 50 people in November due to the security forces’ move against protesters after Kyogulani was arrested during an election event.

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