Indigenous people, to the rescue of traditional medicine – El Sol de Tulancingo

Indigenous people, to the rescue of traditional medicine – El Sol de Tulancingo

The people of Tejucotal descent, in Acaxochitlan, started a workshop to justify indigenous traditional medicine, which was proposed by members of the said community and funded by the National Institute of Indigenous Peoples. Here, knowledge of herbs, and obstetrics, among others, will be covered.

According to the residents who promoted the idea, these workshops will bring benefits to communities not only in Acaxochitlan, but also in Tinango de Doria and San Bartolo Tototepec, as well as other sites associated with Otome, Tepehua and Nawa.

In addition to the mentioned topics, it should be noted that there will also be specialized sessions on first aid, symptoms and physiotherapy. These forums culminate with a regional meeting of traditional doctors.

Various forums on indigenous issues will be held in the municipality, including traditional medicine. These are the cultural issues that communities and organizations address in the Forums held annually. The Mayor of Acaxochitlan, Eric Carvajal Romo, said:

For their part, the members of the organizing committee, at the symbolic launch event held in the San Pedro Tlatechilco community, reported that the workshops were held with the aim of promoting community health in the municipality as well as in the aforementioned regions.

In addition, people who already practice this traditional knowledge can practice this knowledge “within the framework of ancestral knowledge” in order to “promote the traditional use of therapeutic knowledge” that allows the treatment of a large number of health ailments. At the time of publication of this note, it was not announced when the meeting of traditional doctors would take place, but it is expected to be in the coming days.

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