The Single Sign-On (SSO) service provides accreditations to the “Health and Welfare” mutual aid group.

The Single Sign-On (SSO) service provides accreditations to the “Health and Welfare” mutual aid group.

The Secretary of Health, Virginia Sanchez Rios, has provided 15 accreditations to the members of the Mutual Aid Group for Chronic Diseases (GAM-EC) “Health and Well-being”, of the Urban Health Center, in the municipality of San Sebastian Totla, to promote the adoption of healthy lifestyles in people with various diseases.

In the presence of the Deputy Director General of Health Services of Oaxaca (SSO), Sonia Erendira Ramirez Luna; The general coordinator of the health authorities, Fabio Cortes Joaquín and the director of the aforementioned unit, Julio Cesar Ramirez, among others, Sanchez Ríos, determined that these combinations contribute to the metabolic control of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension and dyslipidemia. , in those who make it, prefer self-care, adherence to treatment, improve self-esteem and people’s quality of life.

He pointed out that through this strategy, which is implemented in the units of the first level of attention of the six health departments in the entity, health monitoring and education does not begin and does not end in the medical units “but extends to spaces outside the office and continues to take responsibility for achieving personal well-being, and with mutual assistance between peers.

Government Officer “Salud y Bienestar” at GAM EC, congratulated her on her management of adequate control of her cardiometabolic conditions for six months without interruption, and invited her to be directors and managers of change in the other people around her, so that more would join this. A project whose benefits are tangible in the medium and long term in society.

Likewise, he appreciated the work of the staff of the aforementioned health center, the health authority number one “Central Valleys”, as well as the Department of Prevention and Promotion of Occupational Health and Safety, to promote this work in the interest of the well-being of the population.

It should be noted that in Oaxaca there is a registry of 167 active mutual assistance groups, five of which are accredited, because within the guidelines to be awarded this award, its members must report adequate levels of disease control; Altogether, by 2022, more than 2,400 participants have benefited from GAMs, and each year, an average of more than 50,000 patients join them.

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