Infonavit Director Promotes Deauthorization Practice at Public Event

Infonavit Director Promotes Deauthorization Practice at Public Event

After going on a business tour in Nuevo Leon to sign two agreements with the aforementioned federal entity, Carlos Martinez Velázquez, Director of Infonavit, She promoted the process of de-commissioning that will take place on April 10 at the national level.

At the Government Palace, he invited the official to participate in the event.  Photo: Jorge Lopez

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At the Government Palace, he invited the official to participate in the event. Photo: Jorge Lopez

It was precisely at a public event in the Government Palace of Nuevo Leon where, beside the Governor Samuel Garciathe federal official invited Mexicans to participate in the aforementioned event.

“In conclusion, Mr. Governor, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you and the entire staff, and to remind you that in a few weeks, namely on April 10, it is time to decide whether we want and continue the transformation in Mexico and Nuevo Leon, or if we want to return A system of corruption and privileges.

However, he assumed that in Infonavit, his heart beats on the left side and that they immediately comply with the chief’s instructions Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorIn the sense of not lying, not stealing, and not betraying people.

“At Infonavit we are clear that our hearts beat on the left side and we know and want it, the instructions of President Lopez Obrador are clear: Do not lie, steal, do not betray people, we will do that and we thank you very much.”

The governor requests the opposition of those who evade bills

Benefiting from the visit of an Infonavit Director, Governor Samuel García Sepúlveda made the state’s existing surveillance system available so that this federal agency could inspect and, where appropriate, Penalize companies that evade bills and do not report worker contributions.

After signing two agreements with the director of Infonavit and mayors from urban and rural areas on urban development and granting credit, the state chief said he is waiting They could soon formalize an agreement to supervise entity companies.

“The first is that I am putting at your service the SAT Nuevo León, a new decentralized body of the Ministry of Finance, which we have just entered into an agreement with IMSS and I hope we will celebrate with you soon to go and audit all the bill evaders. And outsourcing to evade quotas and eat the assets of our workers.”

As part of the agreements, Hernán Villarreal, Minister of Mobility of the State, explained that with regard to the letter of intent to promote urban development, regional planning and housing in Nuevo Leon, the intention is to implement the regional planning strategy of the State in accordance with the National Council for Regional Planning, providing all tools through the information system Regional, the implementation of Training through an online course to update regional planning tools State of Nuevo Leon, among others.

As well as facilitating procedures in the municipalities related to housing, and Promote the development of compact cities.

In this regard, Carlos Martinez stated that Nuevo Leon is one of the most important countries in the country because of One in five credits they award from here.

Similarly, he explained it in Nuevo Leon There are 424,000 homes with problems of lack of waterproofing and moistureIn addition to the 800,000 credits or beneficiaries who have problems with time and space, that is, long trips from their homes to work or school.

Finally, Governor Samuel Garcia and the Director of Infonavit signed another cooperation agreement related to inclusion in the state’s development plan 2021-2027 The housing issue as a comprehensive public policy Aligned with social and urban development with an approach based on equality and inclusion, as well as supporting the rescue of abandoned houses in Nuevo Leon, providing facilities for the beneficiaries of Infonavit in the private consumption system so that they can access promotion programs, access to jobs and state government labor councils.

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