Instagram | How to find out if someone is logged into your account | SPORTS-PLAY

Instagram |  How to find out if someone is logged into your account |  SPORTS-PLAY

It is a social network with many secrets that millions of users are still ignorant of, because the most interesting functions are hidden among the settings of the application. On this occasion, we will teach you a trick so that you can discover when, what time and from what device they are logged in with your account.

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Surely your password was given to For more than one person, such as: your partner, parents or close friend, however, if you suspect that someone is intrusive without your permission, you can check all logins in a very simple way.

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It is important to clarify that this trick can be performed from any smartphone, whether it is Apple’s iOS or Android, and it is also compatible with the version of Instagram for computers or laptops.

How do you know who accessed your Instagram account

  • First, enter the following .
  • It’s a way Instagram As “Login Activity”.
  • Here you will see the following question: “Was it you?” Accompanied by where the session started, the date, and the device with the operating system, whether it is a computer or a smartphone.
  • Below you can choose two options: “It was me” or “It was not me.”
  • Finally, at the bottom, you can see if your account is open in real time.

If you do not recognize the device they are logged in to, we advise you to click “It wasn’t me” and immediately change the password, as it could be a potential hacker who has access to your account.

Having trouble logging in Instagram? Has your account been hacked, suspended or banned? Do you need help activating your account? All these questions and more inconveniences related to the app can be solved in the help center, just click .

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