International Festival of African Cinema in Argentina: activities and guests

International Festival of African Cinema in Argentina: activities and guests

This edition presents more than 50 films, including short films and feature films, from 25 countries: Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Burundi, Cape Verde, Congo, Egypt, Spain, United States, Ethiopia, France, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Jamaica , Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Portugal, United Kingdom, Senegal, Somalia, South Africa, Uganda.

The competitive section consists of 10 short films and 6 feature films from different countries. An international jury will select the winning films in this competition.

It is a new opportunity to revisit the continent and its people with films from all over Africa. Also involved are people of African descent and the African diaspora in America and Europe, and stories of immigrants culturally nurturing different regions of the planet.

Activities of the week

Special event with an international guest Wednesday, November 2, 6:00 pm. Alliance Française de Buenos Aires Av. Córdoba 946 (CABA) Admission is free.

The film will be presented by the professor Magai Cass From Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar and President of the Sembine Othman Association.

It forces you Othmane Sembene Monastery, Senegal, 1968, 105 minutes.

Ibrahim Deng lives in Dakar with his two wives and seven children. Life continues until the day Abdo, his nephew who emigrated to France, sends her a money order. Unexpected wealth stirs envy, jealousy, and excess before Ibrahim can raise the money. Wives, family, and neighbors want their share of the loot, and Ibrahim must get rid of all the exploiters and collect the money order despite no ID. A man’s arduous journey through Senegalese society.

Networking with other festivals, FICAA . will have window in the desert (International Sahrawi Film Festival) with a selection of Sahrawi films that reflect the dangerous situation of refugee camps in Algeria.

Debate cinema. Screening of short films + table. Thursday November 3, 7:00 pm National House of Riobamba Bicentennial 985 Free admission.

The current state of the last colony in Africa, Western Sahara. Participants: Nora Cortenas, Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo Founding Line; Mohamed Ali Ali Salem, the representative of the Polisario Front in Argentina, and Manuela Blanco, an audiovisual producer

prediction: It’s just fish. Monastery Anna Serna and Paula Iglesias, 2017, 17 min. 3 stolen cameras. Der Ra Film and Equipe Media, 2017, 17 min.

Closing Ceremony // FICAA 2022.

Sunday, November 6, 5:30 p.m. National House Bicentennial, Riobamba 985 Free admission.

Dabkeh Dance Troupe, desert dance troupe. Announcing the winning films. Winner short film. Wild Roomba Show

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