iOS 16.2 will be released next week with these features for iPhones

iOS 16.2 will be released next week with these features for iPhones

Apple will include very interesting news in its new version of iOS 16.

Apple has stopped signing iOS 16.1 s iOS 16.1.1 Ahead of the imminent release of its next version of the software for the iPhone mobile operating system: iOS 16.2.

The company with the Apple logo plans to release iOS 16.2 as early as next week, according to Mac rumors. The update will include New Jobs Very interesting, we will talk about it in detail below.

iOS 16.2 is currently out experimental stage And it offers iPhone users a series of important new features such as advanced data protection or karaoke mode in Apple Music Sing or Freeform. Read on to discover all the new features and other news that will be coming to iPhone along with iOS 16.2.

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All the news that iOS 16.2 brings us

New widgets for the lock screen

iOS 16.2

One of the new tools in iOS 16.2

Apple added two new items to the iOS 16.2 lock screen Sleeps s pharmaceutical. With them, iPhone users can see relevant information about their most recent sleep session and medication schedule.

New always-on display options

iOS 16.2

The always-on display also receives news in iOS 16.2

The display function is always on or on “always available” Received some interesting news with iOS 16.2. The signature bitten apple logo is incorporated Two new options in the settings panel That allows you to hide or show the background and hide or show notifications.

Apple Music Sing

Apple Music Sing

First images of Apple Music Sing

Without a doubt, it will be another great innovation that will come to iOS 16.2 Apple Music Singnew karaoke mode For Apple Music subscribers recently introduced and will be Compatible with some iPhone, iPad and Apple TV models.

Advanced data protection

iOS 16.2

Advanced data protection

The new version of iOS 16.2 will introduce advanced data protection functionality with End-to-end encryption In iCloud services such as Messages, Notes, Photos, Reminders … For now, the functionality will be limited to use in the United States, but will expand worldwide in early 2023.

Free application

free form

Freeform, Apple’s app for iPhone and iPad

Finally, another new feature of iOS 16.2 for iPhone that will provide users with an app called Freeform through which they can use Collaborate in real time with Project panels Where it can be done variety of functions Like adding annotations, drawing manually, managing files, and much more.

Let’s remember that now iOS 16.2 is in beta. That won’t be until next week when Apple releases iOS 16.2 for the iPhone. What do you like most about iOS 16.2?

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