So you can download the best camera for Android right now

So you can download the best camera for Android right now

Now you can make the most of your mobile camera with the latest version of the Google Camera app.

The openness of the Android platform and the variety of options for almost everything we find google apps We were happily made to choose between Many photography applications This allows us Adapting the standard experience of our smartphones And make the most of our abilities, even though the truth is that none of them have it Advanced image processing capabilities that offer Google Camera.

Anyway, there is a problem with aka GCamwhich is a big problem because Google Camera is not officially available for all Android smartphones But only for pixel phones Made by Google. Nothing I can’t solve view android.

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The best image processing can be on your mobile phone with the GCam app.

In fact, it’s on xda-developers and in other developer communities many of ports Google Camera is fully functional For phones that weren’t born in the bowels of Mountain View, and they are, too It is very easy to install without having to root Neither are complicated processes that void warranties or put our smartphones at risk.

And now, thanks to our friends at ProAndroid and l Great job from BSG Here we offer you the new GCam Its version 8.7.165 so that you can install it on your Android terminals So start making the most of your imaging sensors… Now we tell you how to download it!

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So you can download and install GCam 8.7 on your Android mobile phone

If you are from Those who like Google Camera And its great work on image processing, or you have it on your phones Any old version of GCam is worth updatingWe will teach you how to do it, so this article is for you.

Actually, this is what’s new Version 8.7.156 of GCam published by the prolific developer company BSG is probably one of the most complete in recent times, with news in PrecisionThe Automatic night vision and possibility activate the neural network HDRnet.

Installing it is very simple and there is only one requirement which is the hardware You must have the Camera2 API to use the GCamsomething you can easily check This free app.

To use GCam on your phones you must have the Camera2 API and download the APK, but there are no more tricks than downloading the version we want from the repository and installing it directly … It couldn’t be easier!

Download APK of GCam 8.7.156

After that, you will only have to go to repositories To download the version you need, and Install APK later directly Obviously activate the possibility of doing this from unknown sources. Upon completion of the installation You need to restart the phone.

And that’s it, no more gimmicks or fantasies, okay Once installed, you can find it in the Terminal apps list To open and use it without special configurations or additional modifications.

The download is safe And it’s externally installed because Google Camera is not available to everyone on Google Play, and as a final recommendation If you already have a previous version installed, I recommend that you uninstall it Previously for simple cleaning.

Download APK of GCam 8.7.156

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