iOS 16 is sneaking the star functions of the iPhone 14 Pro into no less than the iPhone X.

iOS 16 is sneaking the star functions of the iPhone 14 Pro into no less than the iPhone X.

We’ve been hearing for a long time The upcoming iPhone 14 Pro will have a great novelty In the form of an always-on screen. There are guides for those who want to see it, like Monochrome widgets in iOS 16. But we now know that there are actually users who enjoy (rather than suffer) The screen that always works on something other than… iPhone X!

iOS 16 beta filters the cool newness of the iPhone 14 Pro

Can iPhone 14 Pro will release the star function with iOS 16. But the truth is that There are some users who have A few days ago. This is the always-on screen, which we can see in a file iPhone X With the trial version of iOS 16 over here:

It’s a short video where you can watch this sample with the latest version of iOS tests. It might look like a screenshot or what The video has been modified somehow. However, in recent days, similar videos have appeared that mimic the star’s feature in iPhone 14 forefront:

In both cases it is iPhone X. And We also see other coincidences, since both load at screen time like this. As it turns out, it’s a bug, an unexpected reaction from iOS 16 that’s still in the first beta.

Some users claim to have encountered this error in certain circumstances. For example, after midnight, With the iPhone completely empty and connect it to the current. users reddit theme They claim to have experienced this error on other iPhone models. They agreed to find an iPhone like this at night while charging.

Of course, this is one of the strangest mistakes we’ve seen lately

As can be seen in one of the videos, the screen does not respond to touches. The lock button must be pressed to Turn off the screen and turn it back on to make it work again. The truth is, we don’t know why this happens and why it’s reproduced in iPhone models that in theory won’t support the always-on display.

Of course, a few days ago it was found Code in iOS 16 who – which Indicates iPhone 14 Pro permanent screen mode. Most likely, iOS 16 hides this mode inside and some unresolved bugs have been brought to these iPhones by chance.

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