Iran asks Greece to solve the oil crisis without US influence

Iran asks Greece to solve the oil crisis without US influence

By Editorial / Reuters

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Iran urged Greece to cooperate in resolving the ship seizure crisis without US intervention, after Iranian forces seized two Greek oil tankers in the Gulf following the seizure of an Iranian ship off Greece.

Tehran seized Greek tankers after Athens seized the Iranian-flagged tanker Pegas in April. The United States, which has imposed a harsh sanctions regime on Iran, has confiscated the shipment of Iranian oil that was aboard PEGASE.

US and Greek diplomats called on Iran to immediately release Greek oil tankers, their cargo, and their crews. city ​​police, Anthony Blinken, He said Washington supported its NATO ally Greece “in the face of this unjustified seizure”.

“Mr. Blinken must realize that the era in which the United States imposed its rules alone on the world is over,” said the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman. Saeed Khatibzadeh.

Khatibzadeh described Washington as “the biggest disruptor of free trade in the world.”

“Unfortunately, the Greek government has shown that taking orders from a third party is the most important for it… But we believe that relations between Iran and Greece should remain well-intentioned,” the Iranian foreign minister told reporters in Tehran.

The Iranian regime official concluded by saying, “I suggest that the Greek government take the legal and judicial path in this regard without fanfare.”

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