Is Ubbe Really Arriving in North America?


The Vikings series available on Netflix indicates this Obi – The second son Rey RagnarIt was one of the first of those civilizations to set foot on the lands we know today North Amarica And they called ‘Golden city’.

The expedition by series and how Mag site from El Comercio de Peru, He was across the shores Terra Nova, After turning around green land Horrible cruise.

Inevitably, the question arises as to whether that voyage really exists.

The Vikings’ sequel, “Vikings: Valhalla”, will resume arriving in America.

The starting point is that of creative people VikingsThey took a lot of creative liberties to represent Scandinavian life on the small screen.

With respect, serial maker Michael HurstHe said he combined the facts with historical and fictional support to tell the facts of the saga. diverse Norse myths. One point that can be taken as evidence for the existence of fiction is the incorporation of a character with supernatural powers.

Specifically, around a crossing Obi To the United States. As far as is known, the real-life character has never sailed there.

Ubbe was Ragnar's most thoughtful and diplomatic son.

Ubbe was Ragnar’s most thoughtful and diplomatic son.

According to the most reliable records, it was his widespread role in northern epics as one of the leaders Great Army of the Pagans That conquered England in the mid-ninth century. This data is reflected in the script for Seasons 4 and 5.

However, note the site Mag from El Comercio de Peru He mentioned that there was a man named Lev Erickson He was recorded by history as the first Viking to lead an expedition to that country North Amarica.

The area explored Lev Erickson Today it belongs to Canada. The mismatch with the chain is that it would have reached this location around 1000 AD. This will be more than a century later Vikings season 6.

The premise is that the presentation has been speeded up according to schedule to complete the proposed circle of subjects for the show.

The Vikings series recreates some historical data and lines.

The Vikings series recreates some historical data and lines.

The beginning and end of the Vikings series

The story began with Ragnar Lothbrok’s dreams to explore the land of Cannes Vikings They have never had this before.

The Season 6 Children saw Ragnar Achieve your ambitions in different ways. While Ivar the bone He praised his father’s fearsome reputation as a warrior and striker, Obi He pursued a dream of discovering these latitudes.

I knew the end would be the discovery of America and Newfoundland. And that was what I had always planned. “ Hearst, to the collider site.

Valhalla's plot, the sequel to the Vikings, will address some of the themes from the series.

Valhalla’s plot, the sequel to the Vikings, will address some of the themes from the series.

Describe fiber In this book The Greenlanders’ Saga – One of the main literary sources of information on The colonization of the Vikings in America– He has some similarities with the character Obi de Vikings, With an explanation Jordan Patrick Smith.

Either way, he is “a big and strong man, of striking appearance and wise, as well as a moderate in everything.”

to me ObiUnlike his more reckless and unstable siblings, he was always the sober, thoughtful, and diplomatic son. At one point he converted to Christianity to ensure better relations with him. The Great Alfred King And his royal court.

The sons of Ragnar Lothbrok enjoy a central place in the development of the Vikings.

The sons of Ragnar Lothbrok enjoy a central place in the development of the Vikings.

Obi He practiced the same wisdom and diplomacy when the settlers first met the people of the Mikmak, leaving them gifts as a goodwill gesture and working with leaders to try to sow peace among their peoples.

However, the story of the story of the first meeting Vikings With the natives of North America it is much less romantic.

As The Greenlanders SagaOn his first expedition, Lev did not meet any citizen, but his brother Thorvald He did just that on his second summer exploration Vineland.

The Vikings series is available on Netflix.

The Vikings series is available on Netflix.

According to this story, Mag site from El Comercio de Peru, Men Thorvald They discovered three furry boats on each boat three men, and killed all but one of the men.

A battle followed with a force greater than the natives, in which Thorvald was struck by an arrow and soon succumbed to his wounds.

On the other hand, a trip Obi The Vikings are especially interesting given the upcoming sequel to the series. Maybe in Vikings: Valhalla The expedition Obi And explain why the history is recorded fiber As the first Viking explorer to reach North America.

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