It lasted 2 hours, was viewed 62 million times and topped the Netflix rankings

It lasted 2 hours, was viewed 62 million times and topped the Netflix rankings

Since it premiered in Argentina on May 13 my graduation year (Graduation YearIt became the most watched movie on Netflix. In fact, according to the latest report, the two-hour comedy starring Rebel Wilson has already garnered more than 62 million views On the streaming platform it has been for two weeks in the top 10 English language films.

The plot tells the story of a high school student and cheerleader Who was left in a coma after a failed stunt before a concert. Twenty years later, when she wakes up, she wants to go back to high school to regain her popularity and become the queen of her school party.

Trailer for my graduation year

The series is directed by Alex Hardcastlestarring Rebel WilsonNext to Zoe Chow s Sam Richardson. Also, the cast was completed with Mary HollandAnd the Justin HartleyAnd the Chris Parnell s Alice Silverstone, among other things. The text, meanwhile, was written by Andrew Knorr, Arthur Bailey and Brandon Scott Jones.

Besides the criticism received by the story, which lasted about two hours, a large part of the specialized press agreed The reasons for her success lie in Wilson’s personality. The Australian actress, who although she started her career much earlier, reached the height of fame for her role as Patricia “Fat Amy” in the trilogy pitch perfect (2012), according to specialists, “shines with its own light” because of its attractiveness.

Rebel Wilson traveled to Palm Beach, Florida, to enjoy a few days off with a friendInstagram: @rebelwilson

Although the accompanying numbers my graduation year So high, there’s another movie that could topple her. it’s about for thatAnd the The movie that debuted on the platform flow On May 19 it immediately generated high expectations among top film critics.

with the protagonist Victoria JusticeAnd the Adam DemosAnd the Luca Sardilesloaned by Samantha KingAnd the Craig Horner s Antonio Alvarezthat it romantic comedy produced By director and writer Stuart MacDonaldAnd the Recognized for making the series high summer heights (2007) and blackish (2014).

As for his story, he’s following closely Lola (Judge), a woman from Los Angeles, United States, serving as An executive at a major wine company. The plot takes a different path with the youth He decides to move to Australia and quit his job to establish his own wine distributor.

The Perfect Pairing – Netflix Trailer

His main goal is to get into a company phoneOne of the most famous families in the area. Once settled, she offers to help out on his sheep farm and is quickly accepted. however, Fate intersects her with Max (Demos), a field manager who creates with him a sweet love story. “A cross that crushes with a cruel and mysterious locale”And the Refers to the Netflix Summary.

Upon its release, this feature film received critical acclaim and This is how the specialists crossed it. “It gives us delicious entertainment, while also striking a healthy chord. Charming, friendly and totally satisfying“Easy to digest and pleasing to taste,” the producer wrote Courtney Howard in entertainment magazine diverse.

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