It will be Netflix’s “The House of Flowers”!


Netflix recently released its news and revealed that the popular series “Flower house“She will have a movie, that’s right, the riddles are still being answered on air and will be clarified in a long production.”

Under the slogan “Very Soon,” the platform announced the content that would be arriving in the coming months and in fact, Diego Luna joined as director.

Netflix has brought good news to a consumer audience of series and movies featuring incredible series premieres and movies. Novelties.

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However, what attracted the most attention was that I revealed that “The House of Flowers” would be up for now Movie And in it the brothers “de la Mora” will go in search of treasure, to find this production under the supervision of Manolo Caro.

On the other hand, it was also announced that Diego Luna would compose and direct the series “Everything will be fine”, which will co-star Flavio Medina and Lucia Uribe, with Gail Garcia also working as a producer.

But that’s not all, as there are other projects coming very soon that we already knew, such as the second seasons of “Control Z” and “Who m @ to Sara?” In addition to the second part of “Selena, the series”.

However, if you are a fan of “dorilocos” or “gomichelas” or shells with chorizo ​​and cheese, you can’t miss the documentary series “La divina gula”.

Whereas if you like comedies, “Neighbor Wars” with Vanessa Bauche and Ana Layevska would be a great choice.

The plot will tell the story of Leonor and Sylvia, who, after a quarrelsome quarrelsome, end up meeting again due to fate as neighbors in an exclusive, upscale neighborhood.

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Other projects that will also be presented are: “The Comedian” with Gabriel Nuncio; “Fondeados” with Aldo Escalante; “Playing with fire Latin America”; “Dale Gas” with Penny Emmanuel and Sylvia Pascuel; “The Revenge of the Juana” with Zoria Vega, Carlos Ponce and Renata Notni; “The Private Network: Who Killed Manuel Buendia?” ; “Tragic Forest”; “Christmas Is Not a Father” with Hector Bonilla and Angelica Maria; “Police Film”, with Raul Briones and Monica Del Carmen, and the stand-up presentation “Alan Saldana: Prison”, which will premiere on June 6th.

It is worth noting that Mexico is the center of the original Netflix production that is being developed in different genres and stories, and so Francisco Ramos, Vice President of Content for Latin America, indicated that only this year it was announced that it would invest 300 million euros in more than fifty original productions locally or internationally. Registered in the country.

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Our country is a recognized creative capital in Latin America and the world. We are excited to see some of our Mexican businesses traveling the world, in countries like the United States, France, Brazil, Colombia and even Kenya. “

He also shared that investment and contracting plans in Mexico remain firm and noted the following:

We plan to close the year with around 100 employees here, three times the number we had a year ago. In this way, we will be closer to the Mexican creative community and members across the region as we continue to invest in the best content. “

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With regard to the increasing competition in the world of live broadcasting, Francisco emphasized that they have always faced it, either from the side of traditional television or online videos or now with the arrival of new platforms.

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