“The Lion King”: “Colonialism” accused Disney of recording the famous expression “Hakuna Matata”

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Image source, Disney Studios Los Angeles / YouTube


“The Lion King” made the phrase “Hakuna Matata” world famous, which in Swahili means “no problem”.

Hakuna Matata: A Way of Being. Hakuna Matata, don’t be afraid. Without worrying about how you should live. To live like this, I learned here … “hakuuuuna matataaaaa”.

With this chorus, the Latin American version of “The Lion King”, Disney made a world-famous phrase forever meaning in Swahili, an African language spoken in East Africa, ‘No problem’ or ‘no worries’.

Of course, Disney didn’t invent the expression. However, the company first requested that the phrase be recorded in 1994, the year it released its first animated film.

It finally did so in the United States in 2003, according to it Watchman, Including clothing and footwear products in the brand.

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