Italian bishop tells children Santa Claus is ‘a fictional character’


The Bishop of the Italian city of Noto, Antonio Stagliano, told the children that Santa Claus ” Imaginary character And not a real person,” which raised eyebrows in parents The Archdiocese was forced to explain this formulations.

“dear kidsI did not say that Santa Claus (Papu Natale, in Italy) does not exist; I said that he exists as a fictional character and not as a real, concrete and historical person,” the bishop confirmed in a video released to the media.

The Bishop of the Diocese of Sicily explained that Santa Claus was a character created at the end of the nineteenth century by Coca Cola This is somehow supported in the figure Saint Nicholas Mira.

“In the heights Europe The central culture was not given to Santa Claus but to Santa Claus or San Nicholas. Saint Nicholas

Mira was a historical figure who did not bring many gifts but gifts. That’s why I wanted to insist on the difference between gifts and gifts,” he said.

Bishop known for interpretation in mesa Songs by famous Italian pop artists such as Marco Mingoni, Noemi or Francesco Gabbani, tried to justify his statements made on the pulpit of the Basilica. Holy Savior Noto.

“Santa Claus does not exist and Coca ColaHe said, among other things, that she uses her image to be a carrier of health values,” the media reported.

His words astounded him parents s mothers And sparked controversy in the media and social networks in the country.

Diocese Liaison Officer, Alessandro PaoliniHe had to do everything in his power to defend the bishop and express “on his behalf” his disgust at the statement that “caused disappointment among the little ones.”

He explains that Mgr.’s intentions were different, such as “reflect With increased awareness of meaning birthday and the beautiful traditions that accompany it.”

“Personally, I don’t think the intention obispo He spoiled the magic of Christmas for the little ones, but to help them think more deeply, starting with the historical figure Saint NicholasThe spokesman said he gave gifts to the poor in the sense of gift, generosity and solidarity.

With information from EFE

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