Italian movie to be watched on Netflix

Italian movie to be watched on Netflix
On the same wavelength. Photo: Netflix.

Catalog Netflix It is so broad and diverse that users can find movies and series from anywhere in the world. For those looking for products outside of the US, it might be a good choice On the same wavelengthAnd Italian movie that is already a trend on the streaming platform.

Directed by Massimiliano CamittiThe movie is a romantic drama about Sarah and Lorenzo, a married couple, who, after falling in love in a camp during the Sicilian summer, are forced to make a difficult decision that will shape the future of their relationship.

This heartbreaking love story has already come under its first criticism from the specialist press, which highlights its message and treatment of its characters.. An example of this is Jonathon Wilson of Ready Steady Cut: “The Bad luck It is visible […] But the most obvious feature is that the characters really look like real human beings. ”

On the other hand, Vittoria Scarpa from Senoruba said, Wrote: “It doesn’t have big emotional surges, but it does contain a crucial message for all of these young people who have been forced to stay home during times of the pandemic: Take your time to enjoy every moment in life.”

On the same wavelength Text written by Claudia Bottino, Massimiliano Camete, and Nujoom Vincenzo AmatoAnd Olivia BrownAnd Donatella FinocciaroAnd Olivier ParisAnd Corrado Inverness And Manuela Ventura Among other things. The movie is now available on Netflix.

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