“La Segura” made her debut as an actress on the Netflix series

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Nathalia Segura, known in the media as ‘La Segura’, surprised her followers by announcing that she would be part of the ‘Chichipatos’ cast on Netflix. Through her Instagram account, Caleña said she will make her debut as an actress, after passing three nominations that would require her to finally be accepted into a Colombian production that opens on April 30th.

“All my life, since I was little, I dreamed of being an actress, so I said I have to cry, so in the third filter I broke it with crying.” The influencer told her stories on Instagram without hiding her feelings.

Among other details, she said she was so excited that she had to send in three production videos and that one It was his turn I improvise in the final part of the casting. In the same way, he indicated that he will upload a video to his social networks describing more details about the process.

Later, with a post in which he appeared on the official cover of the second season of the series alongside actors such as Lena Tiggero, Chicila Navia, Jacques Tokhmanian, He voiced being part of the cast of the series for Netflix It was one of his dreams to come true.

“It is my honor to officially announce that I will be participating in the second season of Chichipatos, on Netflix. One day I dreamed about it and today it became a reality.”Th Books Effect.

‘Chichipatos’ was originally released on May 15, 2020 with Antonio Saniente, Piaccini Segura, Maria Cecilia Sanchez, Mariana Gomez, Julian Ceratti, Yuriko Londono and Julian Caicedo as the original cast characters and tells the story of a wizard who has accomplished an amazing trick and made the man disappear. The problem is you don’t know how to bring it back.

This isn’t the first time a Colombian influencer has come into productions of this awesome streaming platform, because he’s also featured in the same series. Armando Ortiz, Known as “Mindo“.

Recently, YouTube starred in an uncomfortable moment during her time in the US while she was getting ready to make some purchases. Through their stories in InstagramThe young woman shared a video clip recounting the unpleasant experience she went through in a reputable store.

At first, the young woman was shown advising millions of her fans not to go to the aforementioned warehouse, because they were treating her so badly. “Attention is terrible. They can see you go through wire work, whatever, they don’t tell you anything. Besides, the guy they’re serving here is just so, really rude.”, pointed out.

Faced with the situation, the digital creator admitted that the employee’s attitude could not be tolerated and said he received very bad attention, to which the man responded in an impolite tone. “Well speak up, if you need something then speak up.”.

In response, she added:It is assumed that if one approaches a place, they should be aware of what they need, anything, nothing. Aside from bad interest, rudeness. Don’t come to me, don’t come to me, the worst care in the whole world, I swear. “

Later, Caleña decided to register the employee and scandalize it on his profile during He said words like ‘Bold, cheeky’.

When she left the store, she continued to show her annoyance in her stories, because according to her opinion, she had to leave in order not to make the situation worse. The woman indicated that the quarrel was apparently because they did not help her with the dress and gave her to understand. “If you want better service, you’d better buy in a store that isn’t outlet.”

This angered the Colombian, who stressed that everyone deserves the same attention. “So those of us who go to a point of sale are fewer people?” He said in their stories.

La Segura stars in a discussion in a Miami store

As usual, his followers were not late in responding to the situation. Although some supported it and pointed to the topic for bad behavior, others criticized the influencer.

Reform came arrogant with the employee. He thought she was famous there. And “He thinks he’s from another dimension.”, Were some of the comments they left in the grids.

Hours later, the employee I mentioned “La Segura” often commented on his version of the same post.

“This woman entered her house as if it was her home, without saying“ hello ”again and was upset that no one removed her shoes without asking for help. That was when he started making videos with an authoritarian attitude, with pretensions of superiority (…) I respect his work. But to me these people are normal. They deserve no special treatment. “Man Books.

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