Oscar-nominated Borat won a Guinness record


It was originally called the strip “Borat’s Next Movie: Handing Out a Massive Bribe to the American System to Benefit That Was the Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan” (“Delivering a colossal bribe to the American system to offer benefits to a glorious nation, Kazakhstan”, in Spanish), the 1965 film “These Wonderful Men in Their Flying Machines or How I Few from London to Paris in 25 Hours and 11 Minutes” (released in Argentina as ” Basilons and Their Flying Machines’) for 25 characters.

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“Porat” starring Sacha Baron Cohen broke a Guinness record.

The title follows the style of its 2006 predecessor, the eponymous “Porat: Cultural Learning for America for the Benefit of the Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan” (“Cultural lessons from the United States for the glorious nation of Kazakhstan”) in the United States.

New movie starring Sacha Baron Cohen It was first introduced in Amazon Prime Video It comes from being present in many popular festivals, such as Golden balls. Nominations obtained in Oscar 2021 in both categories Best Actress of Maria Bacalova and Best Adapted Screenplay.

what is he talking about Borat


The movie is an acidic comedy with a sarcastic and daring style Baron Cohen. He watched closely as a mixture of documentary and fiction the fourth best journalist in Kazakhstan, who travels to the United States with the goal of handing over his daughter to an American “great man”.

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