Best Pictures of Jade Louise Ewen, Actress Who Will Make Mariah Carey in Luis Miguel’s Netflix Series


The second season of the series Louis Miguel Closer and closer to his release, viewers are increasingly waiting for more details about the new cast and details on filming. So this time we will introduce you to the actress who will give life to her Mariah Carey.

Good Louise Owen Be responsible for playing Mariah Carey in the second installment of one of the world’s most anticipated productions Netflix, As well as previously known actors: Diego Bonita, Camilla Sodi, Caesar Bordon, Juan Pablo Zurita, among many others; Now he joins the British singer.

The news was released by Michelle Rubalcaba, who, through her YouTube channel, took on the task of introducing the world to the woman who would bring one of the most famous singers to life in the middle in recent years for her wonderful voice and talent on stage.

What is jade?

At the age of 33, Owen will be giving life to one of the most important women in Louis Miguel’s life, so the London, UK-born singer and actress will have a heavy load on her shoulders this season. Louise is recognized for participating on the set AlskabbabLater he started his solo career as he only had one and three albums.

Now, she could face one of the biggest challenges in her career, in addition to being one of the most important women in her life.Sun of Mexico“She is one of the most famous female singer in the United States, who at 52 years old would be more than ready to see Ewen perform her role.

What to expect this season

Carrie is considered one of the most important women in life LuismiIt was one of the singer’s best romances, which lasted three years. The love story began on Aspen On a trip during the 1990s and 2000s; But not only has the appearance of his ex-girlfriend arrived, but it’s also the stage where Luis Miguel has been in contact with his daughter.

The Season 2 It raises wonderful moments, which will be important for Luis Miguel to become the person he is today, because as mentioned above was the time he approached his daughter, but he was also struggling with concerns about the issue of his mother’s health and his health problems with her. The series will premier on April 18.


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