Japan approves the fourth dose of antioxidants for the elderly and chronically ill

health authorities in Japan On Wednesday approved a plan to manage a Fourth dose subordinate Serum against him COVID-19limited in principle to Over 60 years old s People with pre-existing diseases dangerous.

The vaccines that will be used will be those of Pfizer s modernthe only ones to have the green light as a booster in the Asian country, and suitable people who have been five months since the third vaccination with antioxidants can receive the fourth injection.

Health, which has not yet determined when this new stimulant dose will begin to be administered, does not rule out an expansion of the age range for its application in the future.

We will examine coverage as we review future evidence and infection status.” Takagi and Akitahead of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases of Japan and the primary responsible for the committee that approved the plan, in the data I collected Kyodo News Agency.

More than 65.6 million people, or 51.8 percent of Japan’s population, had received three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine as of Tuesday, according to the latest available official data.

The figure rises to 80.1 percent of the population in the case of the initial two-dose regimen.

As for those over 65, more than 31 million people have received three doses as of yesterday, which is 87.2 percent of that demographic in the country.

With information from EFE

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