Jennifer Aniston shined in an authentic and radiant look on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show

Jennifer Aniston shined in an authentic and radiant look on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show

Jennifer Aniston Evidence that he is one of the most dazzling stars of all time Thanks Hollywood His charisma and talent. This was confirmed on Tuesday night during his visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The American actress attended to promote the sequel to the Netflix movie Mystery on the horizon in which he shares credits with Adam Sandler. However, upon entering the studio, the 54-year-old artist surprised everyone with the asymmetric one-shoulder dress she wore, in black that has been her hallmark for almost all of her career.

The look Aniston chose was a fitted silhouette, slightly draped and embellished A strap over her right shoulder revealed her toned arms. each completes Some sandals with stiletto heels and a bracelet on the left wrist. this look Never fails for her, since it is common for her to appear in public in simple outfits and her traditional curls in her hair, popular since she gave life to Rachel Green in friends.

Jennifer Aniston during The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon @valentonette/Instagram

In the 2000s, remember the niche magazine Harper’s BazaarAnd The award-winning actress wore a nearly identical dress when she hit the red carpet at the People’s Choice Awards alongside co-star Lisa Kudrow. Both outfits featured a straight neckline design, fitted silhouette, and black colour.

during the DisplaysCalled Fallon Aniston to swear”Do you feel it?(“Can you feel it?”), in which both had to accept the challenge to guess the object he touched in a secret box. In the first round, the American presenter was given a wasp’s nest and a diaper. In the role of the star he faced to a few pieces of fried chicken and a lint from a vacuum cleaner. In the final challenge, they both played a plush doll.

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Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show

In some details of the new installment, She told Aniston she had a stunt double. “It hit one side of the Eiffel Tower,” he told Jimmy Fallon. In addition, he also said that Sandler did most of his most daring scenes.

sequel to Mystery on the horizon It will premiere on Netflix on March 31st.. Moviegoers’ favorite comedy duo will reprise the roles of Nick and Audrey Spitz, two full-time detectives who visit Paris on a new assignment.

According to the synopsis provided by the streaming platform for this part, after opening their own detective agency, Nick and Audrey got a very high-profile case when their billionaire friend was kidnapped at his wedding.

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Mystery trailer on the horizon on Netflix

Aniston and Sandler share credits on several productions. In 2011 they starred fake wife Although not critically acclaimed, it grossed over $200 million at the box office and Show that the chemistry between the two is a winning formula.

In addition to this project, the actress is also preparing to prepare the third part of the Apple TV + series morning showwith her colleague and boyfriend Reese Witherspoon.


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