The ad-supported Netflix Basic plan reaches 1 million people in the US

The ad-supported Netflix Basic plan reaches 1 million people in the US

Netflix takes the lead again: its base plan with ads already has 1 million users in the US.

The ad-supported Netflix plan is winning in the US, reaching 1 million users This has caused a question among experts: Will Netflix recover after modifications to its platform? After its second month of operation, this plan has 1 million users in the US, according to data it disclosed bloomberg. Although users have refrained from this step, it appears to be working.

in the United States of America., Only 0.1% of Netflix subscribers They decided to move to the basic plan with announcements in November, which hinted at little success for this model at the moment. But now, that has changed.

Netflix has been doing just that settings on your platform. Removing joint accounts, changing subscription prices, adding new plans… and that affected your subscriber count.

The outrage was so great that the hashtag went viral. # Farewell Where each user explained the reasons for leaving the platform.

However, this latest plan seems to have calmed the air. Namely, this plan has grown more than 500% in the first month and 50% in the second month. Also, most of the users are new or their previous subscription has expired.

New subscription plans with Netflix ads

In November last year, the company launched its ad-supported Basic plan in Spain, offering a cheaper subscription to €5.49 per month for certain restrictions. This plan includes advertising before and during movies and series, as well as limited playback quality compared to the basic ad-free plan. In addition, some popular titles have been removed from the catalog and it is not possible to download content for offline viewing.

On the other hand, this was announced by Ted Sarandos, CEO of Netflix, at the recent quarterly meeting with investors, he also posted. Hollywood Reporter. At that meeting, Sarandos told investors that Netflix is ​​considering the idea of ​​opening up to a much wider audience by relying on a 100% free subscription with ads.

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