Jennifer Lopez: The First Half (2022) movie review [Netflix]JLO . message

Jennifer Lopez: The First Half (2022) movie review [Netflix]JLO . message

Jennifer Lopez: The first half It’s how the Bronx singer rewrites her story and shows us the path she took to the most important night of her life: the Super Bowl.

Jennifer Lopez: The first half It’s much more than a documentary, it’s JLO’s chance to write her life story in first person. The artist is tired of being considered a celebrity, her media image and name being associated with her love history rather than her diligent career and In these 96 minutes, she chooses the titles.

The Versatile Artist’s 50th Anniversary Kicks Off This Documentary… An empowered woman gives herself a place that no one else can give her. In his own words: “I had to know who I am and believe in that, and not in the rest.” Others fit many of the Razzie Awards pilgrimage de la Cuore, constant vilification and as a revolving door of emotion.

Its history cannot be understood without prejudices of gender, class and race which he faced all his life. As she sings well in her famous song, “Jenny from de block” is unforgettable where she came from, nor what every dice step has cost her over twenty years of working, not only professionally, but also the media.

Obviously Jennifer Lopez He has something to say, something he directed, sang, and acquitted on his show in front of millions of people, and that’s even more clear two years later in this documentary.. The NFL gave her six minutes and she knew how to understand the value of every second, for every thousand of the time she spent at that point on her letter.

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A review of his career

360 seconds to compress the entire career path, an opportunity for the singer to have strong opinions about and make the most of it. With all the stones collected along the way, build A representation of what it means to be a Latina woman in the United States, a vindication of the political standing of immigrants under Trump and a rallying cry of thousands of people..

This documentary collects all the files The good American vulgarity Worth the salt: It’s yet another personalization of the American dream with its air of patriotism and its multiple references to God. However, it gives Perspectives of gender, class and race Which is the most inspiring.

For every pop culture fan, it’s interesting to know the ins and outs of a show like this and that JLO doesn’t hold her tongue.. Salseo is foolproof, so if you don’t want exciting headlines, the best thing to do is watch this documentary in which the female protagonist herself raises her voice to exercise all her power, making a visual niche that we don’t always see women.

If something is clear after watching the documentary, it is Jennifer Lopez has achieved everything based on discipline, work and a lot of determination. A swaying woman, who has had to reassert herself more times than she should, is aware of her current position of excellence honoring another of her songs by inviting her to make a noise.

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Empowerment story

Jennifer Lopez: The first half

Jennifer Lopez: The first half She does not leave anyone indifferent and, thanks to her rhythm and duration, succinctly reflects everything that is her hero. we before The story of an empowered and agile woman who understood the rules of the game, kept an ace in her sleeve and won the game.. And in case you get the error to watch the performance, over here You have.

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