Juujika No Rokunin Chapter 135: Release Date, Cast, & Spoiler


With its distinct blend of action and drama, the manga series Juujika No Rokunin has undeniably etched its mark in the hearts of fans worldwide. Authored and illustrated by Nakatake Shiryū, the story revolving around revenge and survival has continuously left readers on the edge of their seats. With Chapter 135 around the corner, we can’t help but delve into what makes this series so addictive and speculate on what’s to come.

Quick Facts

  • No Of Chapter: 134
  • Release Date: June 15, 2023
  • Language: Japanese
  • Genre: Mystery, & Suspense
  • Where to Read: Magazine pocket

Popularity of the Show

Since its debut in 2019, Juujika No Rokunin has garnered a considerable following. Its vivid characterization, combined with the compelling narrative of Uruma’s quest for retribution, has resonated with readers across the globe. The raw emotionality and riveting plot twists keep fans anticipating the next release with bated breath.

Release Date of Juujika No Rokunin Chapter 135

The much-anticipated Chapter 135 of the popular manga series Juujika No Rokunin is set to be released on June 15, 2023. Crafted by the skilled author and illustrator, Nakatake Shiryū, this manga has amassed a substantial fanbase with its intriguing mix of action and drama. Each chapter weaves an engaging tale that keeps readers eagerly awaiting the next installment. With its well-crafted storyline and depth-filled characters, Juujika No Rokunin continues to enthrall its readers, making the upcoming release of Chapter 135 an event marked on many manga enthusiasts’ calendars.

Cast of Juujika No Rokunin Chapter 135

The series centers on Shun Uruma, a once-bullied student who, with the guidance of his war-veteran grandfather, becomes a force to be reckoned with. The narrative introduces various characters – each with a distinct personality and backstory. The infamous Kyou, who established himself as the primary antagonist, remains a character fans love to hate. Other pivotal characters like Juujika, Andou, and Zenichi add to the dynamic and complex plot.

 Juujika No Rokunin Chapter 135 Spoiler 

Although I can’t predict the exact narrative of Chapter 135, it is likely to continue Uruma’s arduous journey of revenge and transformation. We can anticipate the deepening of character relationships, further evolution of Uruma’s quest, and possibly, the revelation of new adversaries. With Kyou’s increasing power and the introduction of his cult, Uruma’s path to vengeance is going to be even more challenging.

Juujika No Rokunin Chapter 134 Recap

The previous chapters leading up to the much-anticipated Chapter 134 of Juujika No Rokunin are full of unexpected twists, revelations, and character development that make this series so gripping.

In Chapter 134, Uruma had to face off against his former tormentors in a dramatic showdown that showcased his strength and resolve. It wasn’t just a physical confrontation but a battle of wills and ideologies, an exploration of the themes of revenge, redemption, and justice that lie at the heart of the series.


Uruma, initially a victim of relentless bullying, had transformed into an avenger. With each passing chapter, he methodically eliminated his tormentors, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. He displayed his tactical brilliance and emotional strength, proving that he was no longer the vulnerable, bullied kid he once was.

Then, his focus turned towards Kyou, the mastermind behind his misery. But defeating Kyou proved to be a significant challenge, marking a turning point in Uruma’s journey. As he plunged deeper into the battle against Kyou, Uruma was falsely accused of Zenichi’s murder. It resulted in him being detained and succumbing to amnesia, creating a dramatic and heart-wrenching plot twist.

In this time of turbulence, Uruma found an unlikely ally in Juujika, his supposed enemy. This alliance was an intriguing twist in the narrative, leading to the exploration of new dynamics in Uruma’s character relationships. It also further blurred the lines between friend and foe, creating suspense and intrigue about what lies ahead.

Moreover, the introduction of Kyou’s cult added a layer of complexity to the plot. It signaled that Uruma’s journey was far from over and that more significant challenges were looming. His path of vengeance, once seemingly straightforward, had become tangled and fraught with danger.

As Chapter 134 concluded, Uruma’s journey was at a crossroads. With his memory lost, allies changed, and the real enemy still at large, the stage is set for a showdown that promises to be nothing short of explosive. This was a tumultuous climax to the previous season, leaving fans hungry for the forthcoming Chapter 134.

Ratings of the Show

Juujika No Rokunin enjoys high ratings across various platforms, testifying to its broad appeal. With its successful blend of intense drama, action, and complex character development, the series has consistently ranked high among fans of the genre.

Review of the Show

Juujika No Rokunin offers a unique blend of action and emotion, effectively hooking its readers. The series stands out with its creative plot development, intricate character relationships, and emotional depth. Each chapter reveals more layers to the characters and the world they inhabit, making it an immersive reading experience.

The storytelling prowess of Nakatake Shiryū is evident in how the narrative unfurls, keeping readers gripped from one chapter to the next. It’s safe to say that Juujika No Rokunin has effectively carved a niche for itself in the manga landscape.

Where to Read Juujika No Rokunin Chapter 135

You can read Juujika No Rokunin on the official website of Magazine Pocket. Magazine Pocket offers a wide range of manga and is a treasure trove for fans of the genre.


Juujika No Rokunin continues to build its narrative intensity with each new chapter. With a compelling storyline, complex characters, and engaging plot twists, it stands as a shining example of excellent manga storytelling. As we count down to the release of Chapter 135, one thing is for certain – the anticipation is part of the adventure. We look forward to embarking on this journey with Uruma and witnessing how his quest for vengeance will unfold.

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