Kenya. Scientists develop 4 embryos from the white rhino


Nairobi /

There is hope for the northern white rhino, which is a species of it There were only two women left In the world, as this Thursday announced the development of a group of scientists Four artificially inseminated embryos.

The natural reserve The first pegita in KenyaYou mentioned that Dr.At the end of March, 19 eggs were produced that were extracted from the Fatou rhinoceros.Four viable embryos after fertilized with thawed sperm from a deceased northern white rhino, named Suni“Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) details in the text.

These last four embryos are added to five other embryos developed since August 2019 in similar procedures, Which remains stored in liquid nitrogen – in the laboratory Avantia In Italy – waiting for a female southern white rhinoceros to be vaccinated.

“With the development of nine embryos from the pure northern white rhino now, the project partners should embark on the next stage: transfer of these embryos by surrogacy to the southern white females of the first pegita,” said the Kenyan Minister of Tourism and Wildlife. Naguib Bilala |

“(This) will ensure the survival of the species,” he added.

Nagin and Fatu, the last two remaining northern white rhinos in the world, were taken to Kenya from the Czech Republic in 2009 with two males, Soni (died 2014) and Sudan, euthanized in March 2018 in the first pegita after the illnesses she suffered. Significantly worsened.


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