The Science and Technology Group has appointed its representatives News | The city of Buenos Aires


The two honorary and alternate rapporteurs of the working group have been appointed: José María Lentino (Argentine Scientific Association) and Alejandra Marinaro (Council of Rectors of Private Universities) are the new rapporteurs before the CoPE Executive Committee.

In the second point of the agenda, the representative was elected to merge the Regulations Committee, and Mrs. Analia Conte (Academy of Geography) was elected.

With reference to the issues raised by the organizations, it was suggested that young tech entrepreneurs be invited to comment on their strategies and experiences, and to seek inspiration for many young people, which is a clear reference on how technology has positively affected our society.

Continuing to develop today’s agenda, in law initiatives and / or recommendations, we worked with the new version of the Science and Technology Welfare Bill and the Recommendation on the Non-Ionizing Radiation Campaign. Both projects will be presented in different dimensions and working groups for approval and / or receipt of contributions and amendments.

It was reported that within the framework of the update of the urban environmental plan, a workshop was organized by CoPE-CoPUA to demonstrate the progress of work on plans for the Ribera del Río de la Plata sector and the Paz Street public corridor. After seven meetings, scenarios were developed and from there two were identified, one direction and the other desirable.

The organizations learned that the workshop to be held to add procedures and objectives to the Participatory Strategic Plan for Economic Development and Social Innovation BA 2035 for reasons of force majeure, will be held around the middle of the year. PEPBA 2035 assessment and monitoring will resume in the second half of the year.

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