Kenya vs Uganda today: a mistake that costs Qatar 2022 qualification


This week, the days of the various qualifying rounds were feuded to attend World Cup Qatar 2022. On this occasion, in the African competition, a fact was presented that left the two teams without options. Kenya and Uganda.

In the 88th minute, the Kenyans beat Uganda national team With the slightest difference, but the Kenyan goalkeeper, Brian Boyer His desire to catch the ball was influenced by the attacker Fahad BayOr he won in cunning and made a tie.

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However, from this fact controversy has arisen since then Boyer Wanting to “burn” a few seconds she had to see how bayou Celebrate a tie. Which is that the annotation for FW Uganda It had to be invalidated according to the rules, because when the goalkeeper took the ball, it was forbidden to take it from his hands; This will be punished with an indirect free kick, something the compliance judge ignored and agreed to the annotation for leaving him lifeless. Kenya That if he stayed with the three points he would have come alive to last date.

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However, with this result, Kenya Chances ran out, because he was four points behind the leader of his group Financial.

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