Kwizera and Kiplimo, star duel in Itálica’s cross

Kwizera and Kiplimo, star duel in Itálica’s cross

International Cross of Italywhich takes place in the archaeological site of Santiponse (Seville), will be shown in the next edition of November 20 With elite athletes like Burundi Rodrigue QuizeraUgandan Jacob Kiplemohis compatriot Peruth Chemutai or the Turkish Yasmine Can.

The list of participants is not yet final, but the international audition for the Bonsina test will feature Burundi Rodrigue Quizera, the latest Italica winner and the World Cross Country Circuit in 2021, and Uganda Jacob Kiplemo, runner-up in world cross country, third in 10,000m at the 2022 World Championships in Oregon and at the Tokyo Olympics and half marathon world record and winner in Italy in 2019.

Since 2011, no runner has repeated his win. Then Kenya’s Leonard Komon, also winner in 2010, did that, so Koyzera, who came from third at Atapuerca last weekend, will be aiming for a feat within reach of a select few.

In divorced female there will be a show with uganda Piruth Shimotai, the current 3,000-meter hurdles Olympic champion; and Turkish Jasmine boxfour-time European cross-country champion and current 10,000-meter European champion, according to Cross’s technical director, Antonio Ruiz.

Thus, the Seville public, who is fond of cross-country running, will have the opportunity next Sunday to enjoy again with some of the most important figures in the current circuit, with the participation of athletes from different parts of the African continent. It should be remembered that Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda are the countries that have dominated the sporting background in recent years, and it is the athletes who have participated in the international event of the Bonsina Run.

“You have to keep that in mind Kiplimo, an old acquaintance on the podium in Italy, it’s his first time running a cross this year and he chose Italica to run it.And the technical director of the event, Antonio Ruiz, confirms that this athlete “comes with a thirst for victory and Quezera will not make it easy for him.” In the women’s also, the test technical director adds, Albeiro pits two main heroines, Shimotai and Kane. To make these duels even more exciting, the Spanish participants “will join this party.”

stand out among them Adil Mashaalthe Spanish cross country champion this year and the European record holder in the 3000m indoor competitions; s Muhammad Qatir, bronze over 1,500 meters at the 2022 World Championships in Athletics and silver over 5,000 meters at the European Championships this year as well. In the female category, the presence of the five-time Spanish 3000-hurdles champion and the two-time cross-country champion, in 2020 and 2021, stands out. Irene Sanchez Escribano; and Sevillana Carolina RoblesOlympic athlete and current champion of Spain in the 3000-meter hurdles and runner-up in Spain in cross-country.

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