La Jornada – New York prepares to arrest Trump

La Jornada – New York prepares to arrest Trump

New York and Washington. Donald Trump arrived in New York on Monday afternoon before surrendering to authorities on Tuesday and becoming the first president in US history to be taken into custody and charged with a criminal offence.

At about 2:15 p.m. local time, the former chief will appear to authorities to register him as each accused of the crimes, and they will take his fingerprints and photo of his arrest – after which he will appear before a judge for a formal reading of his conviction. The multiple counts of, among others, forgery of business documents (detailed charges will be recognized there) in the charge against him, pleading guilty or not guilty, as well as the last warrant, hearing the terms of his release and the dates of his trial culminated in the trial.

The departure from his mansion and club in Palm Beach, Florida, to the airport, the takeoff of his private Boeing 727 painted in red, white, and blue with his family name in gold and his arrival at LaGuardia Airport through to his arrival at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, broadcast live on cable TV and in Electronic media.

Trump’s circus has always had a great team of preachers headed by himself, and the narrative of this chapter is that the martyr who dedicated himself to “saving” the country is still the victim of a “witch hunt” in defense of true patriots. Against “radical left democrats,” anarchists and a whole list of enemies, including Attorney General Alvin Bragg who dared to take this case forward and Judge Juan Merchant who will take charge of the case starting Tuesday. Therefore, he had already turned this criminal operation into a political propaganda work to use in his presidential campaign.

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