La Jornada – Since the 2012 summit a public invitation has been agreed: Ebrard

La Jornada – Since the 2012 summit a public invitation has been agreed: Ebrard

Mexico City. Since the Summit of the Americas held in Cartagena, Colombia, in 2012, it has been agreed that invitations to these meetings will be public for subsequent editions, so several countries are scheduled to be excluded from the next edition, which will be held at the Foreign Ministry, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon said. Los Angeles, USA, would be a setback.

When participating in the Comexi 2022 meeting, the official emphasized that it would be days before the debate on whether or not the Summit of the Americas would be inclusive could be resolved, but cautioned: “It is neither wise nor acceptable to turn back.”

He explained that the upcoming continental summit should address issues such as the need for an emergency health plan, as the past Covid-19 pandemic showed that the region is not ready to respond to these situations in a joint manner, not even in such basic matters as production and distribution that allow equal access to vaccines.

about the phenomenon of migration. The Mexican foreign minister noted that the influx from Central and South America to the United States is already a gigantic feat, since it has been proven that the organizers charge each participant up to 5 thousand dollars, and our country receives on average 120 thousand asylum applications every month.

He argued that the United States must realize that the birth rate is close to negative and that it needs people to keep its economy going.

“The United States needs that workforce, or else it will go into stagflation like it happened to Japan,” Ebrard warned, adding that the problem lies in the rhetoric of the Republican Party and the conservative sectors of that country, which are vying to see who is more. Anti-immigrant and maintaining the illusion that immigration is a problem for their economy, not an opportunity.

Finally, the Foreign Secretary took the opportunity to congratulate, on behalf of Mexico, Anthony Albanese, the Labor Party candidate who won the Australian Prime Ministerial election.

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